Copenhagen, Denmark

Via is a DJ from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Since being a child, she's been exposed to music. Her dad used to play bass and blues music and her fascination for rhythms and effects started to grow during those years. In 2008 she attended her first psytrance forest party and been fascinated by the music ever since.

She started collecting music and eventually started DJ'ing in 2011. Her style can be described as obscure and odd, with a touch of chaos. Derango, Hallucinogenic Horses, Adansonia, Makadam, Fytogast and Traskel are some of her favourite artists. Through her music, she aims to provide a transcendental journey - a simultaneous joy for the mind, body and dancing feet.

Her first international booking was in 2012 by the label GreenTree Records and then followed by bookings in Sweden, Germany and Switzerland. Through the last many years, her understanding of composing a capturing DJ set has evolved and moved across genres, soaking up snippets and techniques of sweetness from a rich musical pallet.

In 2015 she created the label Fleye Records with Vikkelsø, focusing on the night time brim of Psychedelic Trance. In 2018, she handed over the label to Filip Landin and went on a hiatus from the scene due to personal reasons.

She has been active in the scene again since 2021 and has joined Muimina Sounds in summer 2022 as a label DJ.

Via is curating her first compilation which we are excited about and hoping to present to you all in autumn 2023.

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