Valhalla, Asgard

Ultapulter aka Vishal Reghunath got introduced and immediately magnetised to the Goa Sound around the last millennial turn through free-spirited underground parties in and around Goa and South India. Hailing from Bangalore, South India - he had been a vigorous collector of various forms of abstract music since the late 90’s. For the next decade, Ultapulter explored the myriad styles of the Psytrance spectrum in its evolution and have organised parties in London, Goa Agnosia II by Aranyadhwani and few other cities promoting Scando themed Forest Music.

With the outmost sadness and heaviest of hearts we would like to let you know that our brother who was a big inspiration to us when it comes to the scene and music we all love, is no more with us. Ultapulter took a wild ride to Valhalla on the 29th of February 2020 but the music and inspiration he left behind will live with us as long as the forest is alive!

Ultapulter’s style can be loosely defined as spacey, organic and cathartic and the musical journeys on Pulter sets are designed to symbiotically fuse with the listener’s introspective journeys, creating collective conscious meditation while being a ton of chaotic fun. You can expect to hear funky spunk with a leftist bent and heavy post-Goa hangover, focusing on freeform experimentation, organic melodies inspired by the cosmos and nature around us.

Vishal is also the co-founder and visionary force behind the free-form experimental underground record label Aranyadhwani Collective - an audio platform aiming to support Psychedelic Art and Music inspired by the Wild Forests. We hope you enjoy the compilations and sound mixes our dearest brother left behind...

'Outpour the Insides' ~ Ultapulter