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Muimina Sounds

Chapter 2

02. Dec. 23 - London, UK

02 Dec. 23 - London, UK

Muimina Sounds - Chapter 2

02. Dec. 23 - London, UK

We at Muimina Sounds would like to invite you to the 2nd Chapter of our event series. This time, we want to primarily focus on the musician side of our label. Therefore, each set in the first part of the musical program will consist solely of live performances featuring artists playing their own music. More details and line up about the second part of the program will be announced closer to the event, and entry will be free for all ticket holders.

We are incredibly fortunate to present two exclusive acts for the first time in the UK: Pepe's Bodega, hailing from Sweden, and Thortrillion X, coming from Norway. Both of these talented artists have recently released albums on our label, and we are thrilled to showcase their music on these shores. 

Alongside our international guests, we are pleased to announce our local lads: Krosis, who will enchant us with his beautiful melodic music; Silent Alkaloid, who will mesmerise the crowd with his fungus-infused psychedelic forest beats; and Mark Day, who will blend everything together, serving up a delightful Muimina smoothie.

Our wonderful surroundings will be spruced up by three decor teams working in harmony to create a unique habitat. First up, our London-based in-house decor team, Oak Visions, will adorn the stage with their organic touch. InOrbit from Bristol will provide height and elevate our trancefloor with their organic canopies and structures, while Deliberate Space Decor from Somerset will provide the width and showcase their psychedelic artistry, expanding our psychedelic space environment in all its splendour.

Please note that this is in a secure venue and ticket holders will be informed of the location on the day of the event.

Muimina Sounds

Chapter 1

24. Sep. 22 - London, UK

02 Dec. 23 - London, UK

Muimina Sounds - Chapter 1

24. Sep. 23 - London, UK

As the autumn of 2022 approaches, we at Muimina Sounds invite you all to our inaugural gathering, 'Chapter 1 - Free Party'.

Muimina Sounds is a psychedelic music record label built with the goal of sharing unique works of both established and new artists around the globe.

The acorn of Muimina was formed by a wide webbed collective of friends with the idea of sharing the wonderful form of music we all love abundantly.

Chapter 1 will serve as a free gathering to welcome one and all to our inaugural chapter event series. We invite you to be a part of this journey with us and together, we ride this magical spectrum of music that unites us all.

See you in the woods 🌳

- Live Acts -

M3dra (Muimina Sounds)

Mark Day (Muimina Sounds)

Silent Alkaloid (Muimina Sounds)

Krosis (Muimina Sounds)

-- Disc / Usb Jockeys

Full Lotus (Parvati Records)

Sounds and that (Muimina Sounds)

Nogoa (Medulla Oblongata)

Kodama (Psychedelic Forest)

- Decor -

Filtrando Psicodelia


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