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Episode 3 - Via

Welcome to the third episode of our mix series.

In this episode, our label DJ Via aka Olivia Trausel from Denmark has chosen tracks from various artists like Akkma, Retohmorgon, Silent Alkaloid, Elowinz, Karash, Svajigt, Myr, Forest Bamp, Mik-Ha, Muscaria, Isometric, Ghostcent, M3dra and The Fancy Slags for your listening pleasure.

Happy listening 🙂

Episode 2 - Golomp

Welcome to episode 2 - 'Golomp'

In this episode, our friend from Brazil, Pedro, also known as Golomp, has curated a selection of his released and unreleased tracks to guide us on a journey into the untamed jungle.

Here, melodies intertwine with the bassline, creating a trance that resonates with the essence of the wild woods.

Happy listening 🙂

Episode 1 - Thortrillion X

Dear friends, we would like to introduce the first part of our mix series that will feature artists from our label as well as friends from around the world.

First up, we have Thortrillion X from Norway:

"This is an attempt to answer Muimina Sounds' request to make an atmospheric compilation podcast that starts from low energy and evolves to higher. It includes several collaborations with different persons that have happened during the years.

The first track is a Norwegian folk tune, written by Tarjei Augundson (Myllarguten), in a new synth-based form. I used this track to practice fiddle during the year at Campus Rauland 22-23. The second track is a Swedish emigrant tune, of the type skillingsvise, that was printed and spread in earlier print history. It includes a song from about 30 students, and Annie Björkman's beautiful voice on top. The third track's lyrics are written and performed by Jessica Marie Antonson for the 'Alvelyst EP', released in 2022 by The Cure Collective. Track five contains a recording from a group that we had during the studies in autumn 2022, and it was one important introduction to folk music for myself. The sixth track is taken from the album 'NYE 5K' released by Muimina Sounds in 2022, where my friend Dab Dabzy is performing a lyric I wrote, which he translated to Spanish. A different perspective is a sidestory to the 'Adventures of Cul', with a philosophical theme, and Marianne Eide performs the lyric. The eighth track, 'Uppstaden', is a Norwegian folk tune performed by Gaute Søderholm, as he learned it from Anders E. Røine at Campus Rauland. Track nine has had many shapes over the years; this one is a more groovy version, the saw is jammed by Andreas Barth. Track ten is a prelude for the project Forbidden Labyrinth. Track eleven is the words of the wise Tiffany Brown, upon some synth and excellent drumming by Sam Kongslie. Track twelve is the title track from the Alvelyst EP. Track thirteen is a historical traditional dance tune from Lofoten, and includes contributions from five friends from the studies. Track fourteen is a Forbidden Labyrinth up-tempo song, with Sina Ensari performing his lyric. Track fifteen is called 'Juks', but it's a merge of several sketches in reality. Track sixteen is a track from the first Album, 'The Mental Revolution'."

Happy listening 🙂

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