Vienna, Austria

My name is Erich C. I'm from Vienna, Austria and I was born in 1986. At the age of 5, I began playing the flute, piano, and guitar. Nowadays, I no longer play any of these instruments because I stopped when I was 10 and picked up other hobbies. However, I still have a good sense of melodies and harmonics which I believe is rooted in those early years.

I started DJing in the styles of Minimal Techno and Tech-House when I was 17. During that time I played at numerous small parties and birthdays. It was also when I took my first steps into music production, armed with Fruity Loops and not much knowledge, I created my first tracks and gained some initial experience.

My first encounter with psychedelic trance in 2008 captivated me, introducing me to the scene and its people. Artists like Laughing Buddha, Tristan, Logic Bomb, and Hallucinogen were my gateway into the genre. As I listened more my taste became more selective and inclined towards darker sounds. Soon I discovered artists like Derango, Atriohm, Zik, Orestis and many more...

In 2012 I decided to dive back into music production. I invested all the money I had saved to buy monitors, a digital audio workstation (DAW), synthesisers, and plugins. Since then, I've worked diligently to develop my own unique style. With this style, I aim to bridge various subgenres of the spectrum of psychedelic trance. In my tracks I strive to convey a narrative and take the listener on a journey with me. My approach is consistently melodic, atmospheric, mysterious, and deep. My style continues to evolve and change and I believe it always will; so let's see where this project will take me and what uncharted depths I'll explore...

Thank you for reading.

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