Don Pepe

Stockholm, Sweden

Don Pepe fell into the rabbit hole of DJ-culture in his early teens 20 years ago.

Some years of humble experimentation followed until a certain Boom Festival 2008 gave him hubris enough to take this art-form more seriously. As a dedicated Goa-head, he found a kinship with the Suomisaundi scene that was peaking at this time, and started touring as Bäverdisco.

He joined the Random Records crew in 2011, where he released the compilation KWERK in 2016, focusing on the marriage of deep Forest atmospheres and quirky, groovy Suomisaundi.

Many deaths and rebirths have passed over the years. What have remained is a neverending love and lust for musical exploration - whether it is behind the decks or in the studio!

As a DJ, Don Pepe refuses to be pigeonholed. With an "old school" mindset he always prefers to play long sets, 4 hours or more, to give the music and the dancers room to breathe. In such a "cocoon", genres and eras become secondary - what matters is that you're relaxed and able to let go.

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