Bristol, UK

Krosis is a DJ and producer born from the vibrant Bristol Psytrance scene.

With a background of extreme metal, and blasting a twisted blend of gnarly, yet groovy styles, he is intent on bringing a variety of soundscapes to the scene.

With tracks ranging from chunky, high-energy groovers to squelchy and organic darkness, he creates tracks that twist and turn, taking the listener on a journey.

He joined Woo-Dog Recordings in March 2014. Since then, he released two EP’s, and in June 2015, taken a residency at TriBE of FroG (Bristol), joining Blue Hour Sounds in January 2017. He has additional VA releases with Badger Recs, Forestdelic Recs, Underground Experience and Psyunity Music.

Starting in the UK underground scene, he has since taken his music around Europe to as far as India. He continues to develop his sound to showcase it to the international psychedelic community.

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