Pepe’s Bodega – La Chorrera


We at Muimina Sounds are delighted to present ‘Pepe’s Bodega – La Chorrera’ the second full length album in our discography.

‘La Chorrera’ based upon the McKenna brothers (Terence & Dennis) adventures and experiences in the Colombian Amazonas during 1971, depicted in Terence’s book ‘True Hallucinations’ – an essential read for anybody interested in altered states of consciousness. Listening to ‘La Chorrera’ is like a memory down trippy lane, as the story turns, twists and progresses, there will be many illuminations and recalls. A wide variety of musical styles are incorporated inside each track – stories of contemporary psychedelia.

We hope you enjoy ‘La Chorrera’, a story that is over 50 years in the making and one that continues to evolve.

Released December 23, 2022

W&P by Nimbus and Don Pepe
Artwork by Gabriela Ines & Rani Banth
Mastering by Tim Schuldt