Testudo – Psymphony


We at Muimina Sounds are delighted to present you ‘Psymphony’ – the debut EP from Testudo.

Inside his studio, Testudo tripped around the idea of mixing classical instruments with psychedelic trance and arranging the results in an intelligent way. This experiment led to the creation of the abstract world of Psymphony.

The result is 4 tracks – 1 downtempo introduction track followed by 3 higher bpm psytrance tracks. All of these astute tunes are carefully arranged and polished with the unmistakeable sound of Testudo.

We welcome you all to the creative and enigmatic realms of Torahiko Isurugi aka Testudo, a genus of tortoises with slow walks and fast music.

Released September 8, 2022

Written and produced by Testudo
Mastering by Mark Day
Artwork by Testudo