Thortrillion X – NYE 5K


Three thousand years forward in time, two thousand years after the mental revolution, in the year five thousand, there’s a great party on Kalib, a planet in the Aquila constellation. Attendees unified by their interest in research and belief in great future endeavours are gathered here to celebrate this special occasion.

Cul and his friends are in attendance, and following the reunion of the stardusts, Makuu and Atarious, they all stand before a new chapter in the history of the universe. Vandela has gone to great lengths to make sure it will be a memorable party, and with special foods and drinks, they enjoy the evening.

Among the feast, the Krystalmuffin is served, made from an herb that has so far only been possible to cultivate on Kalib. It takes around a thousand years to grow one healthy plant. The muffin has a very soothing taste, and legends tell that it imparts great rewards in contemplative aspects.

To Science and to the Future!!!

Writted and Produced by Thortrillion X
Mastering by Mark Day
Artwork by Lise Solli & Kamil Nogoa