Tokyo, Japan

Testudo is the psychedelic trance project of Tora Victor Isurugi.

Originally from Tokyo, Japan, Victor was drawn into artform at a very young age. At 8, he started learning and playing Piano and was enchanted by the depth of music world. Victor is also a visual art explorer and was involved in the 'Paris street art scene' when he was living in France.

In 2009 while living in London he got to hear psytrance for the first time at a club event in the suburbs of London. Having carrying music as a core passion since childhood, what he was hearing was a mind-boggling experience for him. He dropped out of Uni soon after and started digging more into this new found realm of music.

After two years of exploring different sub genres and style of psytrance, he wanted to make his own sounds and stories and Testudo was born.

His sounds are a reflection of his experience in the night time forest psytrance parties that he was a regular part of while living in London.

Inspired and motivated from the deep and dark sound textures of various artists and good friends in the psychedelic scene, Testudo tales are his humble attempts to bring something fresh and unique to the ever-evolving sounds of forest.

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