Viken, Norway

This is the tale of how Thomas Elstrøm from Viken, Norway conceived his project name.

In the dark and vast forests of Norway, gnomes sprouted with the mushrooms and unfamiliar vibrations could be heard in the distance. An arduous trek through the undergrowth would lead to a circus in the clearing, full of hustling creatures with wide eyes and enlarged ears, all swaying in unison towards the visiting being in his mossboat.

Time stops and no other options left but to dock in place, dance into space, and experience the sun's rays for the first time yet again.

Trabalder started out as a traditional orb-jockey, always blending the orbs with great care so as to not disturb the giants of the mountains. Swapping orbs as the creatures swooned in gasp and awe to the ensemble of sounds emanating from them.

Later he built a laboratory for pressure waves, commissioning only from the mountains. Sublime lullabies for the trolls that reside there.

Some say Trabalder can ride the trembling wind waves without the need of a ship, using a single oar to guide a path between worlds.

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